grade1 W3S3 [greıd] n
3¦(mark in school)¦
4 make the grade
5¦(school year)¦
[Date: 1500-1600; : French; Origin: Latin gradus 'step, degree']
1.) ¦(STANDARD)¦
a particular level of quality that a product, material etc has
The best grades of tea are expensive.
industrial grade diamonds
high/low grade
low grade products
2.) ¦(RANK)¦
a particular level of job
There are lots of jobs in junior grades.
a mark that a student is given for their work or for an examination
He got a grade A in maths.
Tim worked hard and got good grades.
4.) make the grade
to succeed or reach the necessary standard
What does it take to make the grade as a top golfer?
one of the 12 years that students are at school in the American school system, or the students in a particular year
second/eleventh etc grade
My brother is in the sixth grade.
a fifth-grade teacher
6.) ¦(SLOPE)¦
AmE a slope or a degree of slope, especially in a road or railway
British Equivalent: gradient
grade 2
grade2 v [T]
1.) to say what level of a quality something has, or what standard it is
grade sth according to sth
Pencils are graded according to softness.
All the parks are regularly checked and graded by tourist board inspectors.
2.) especially AmE to give a mark to an examination paper or to a piece of school work
= ↑mark
Ted is grading papers in his office.
3.) to give a particular rank and level of pay to a job

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